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Lake Lamar Bruce swim plans on hold

Plans to open Lake Lamar Bruce's swimming area by Memorial Day will not be met, and swimming probably won't be permitted until sometime in June.

Lake Manager Donald Cullum said he has been able to fill only one of two lifeguard slots at the lake, and the lifeguard who has been hired won't be available until June 1 at the earliest.

Primarily, activities at the state Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks lake northeast of Saltillo will be limited to fishing and picnicking.

"We're going to have swimming when we get that one (lifeguard)," Cullum said Thursday. "But if we don't get a second one, we may just have swimming on certain days."

Until last year, the lake was open to swimming year round, if people wanted, but it was at a swimmer's "own risk." No lifeguards were on duty.

Last year all swimming was banned because the state no longer had "sovereign immunity," a blanket protection against lawsuits.

"The whole lake is (still) totally closed to swimming," Cullum said. "We've just got to wait."

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