TUPELO • Mayor Jason Shelton’s administration is asking the City Council to vote to increase the city’s sanitation fund, which would lead to a small increase in how much money citizens pay for trash disposal services.

Kim Hanna, the city’s chief financial officer, is asking the council to approve a $1.50 per month increase for trash services. Currently, residents pay a total of $15.97 per month for services, but the new proposed rate would be a total of $17.47 per month for services, which would be a 9.39% cost increase.

In August, the City Council voted to renew its contract with Waste Management for a minimum of six years with the company charging the city $14.12 per month for each residential unit. Even though Waste Management charges this rate to to the city, there are additional costs the city incurs which includes a $1.88 landfill fee and a $1.47 brush hauling fee.

“Where everybody gets confused is the Waste Management fee is just a portion of the cost,” Tupelo Chief Operating Officer Don Lewis said. “We also have to do the brush hauling and we also have to do the landfill fees.”

Hanna told council members the proposed increased is simply to cover the costs associated with the service and the city is not overcharging customers.

“There’s other costs to be covered besides just Waste Management’s cost,” she said. “We pass the $14.12 on to the (customer), but we also pass additional charges to the customer.”

Under the price increase, Waste Management will pick garbage up twice a week in the city and pick recycling up every other week.

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