TUPELO•County officials have agreed to allow representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use county office space to allow the federal officials to assess storm damage to the county.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors voted to sign a temporary lease agreement with FEMA at its latest board board meeting.

Bill Benson, the Lee County chancery clerk, said the lease is only temporary and it’s no cost to the county.

“They are not paying the county anything,” Benson said. “We’ll have a space where they have computer access, but there’s no money changing hands.”

Benson said the county has to document the expenses that were incurred from the storm damage this past year and the FEMA officials will review what has been submitted and what is reimbursable.

The lease agreement comes after two federal declarations have been made for Lee County by President Donald Trump following the severe flood and wind damage to the county in April and May.

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