TUPELO • Mississippi Democrats will hold precinct caucuses on Saturday across the state, including in Lee County.

At each precinct, participating voters will elect a slate of delegates and alternates for the county convention. This county convention will take place March 14.

Mississippi does not have party registration, but Saturday’s caucuses are open to anyone who identifies with the principles of the Democratic Party. Saturday’s precinct caucuses begin at 10 a.m. across the state, per the delegation selection plan in place.

Jim Newman is managing the precinct caucus process in Lee County.

“I think all precincts will have people show up,” Newman said to the Daily Journal.

Newman noted that though caucus participants will report to the county precinct where they are registered, the precinct locations will not be open for use.

“You will have to gather on the grounds or go to a close-by place,” Newman said in a Facebook post.

After the precinct caucuses, a series of subsequent caucuses will help elect Democratic Party leaders. At the March 14 county convention, delegates will elect a county executive committee for the party and delegates for congressional district conventions and the state conventions.

The latter conventions ultimately select the state executive committee and delegates to the national convention.

National convention delegates will travel to Milwaukee in July to select the party’s Democratic presidential candidate. If no presidential candidate has amassed the requisite delegates through the primary process, the convention could ultimately be a highly contentious process.

Mississippi will award 41 delegates, with 36 awarded proportionately based on the outcome of the March 10 primary election.

The Republican Party will hold its own caucuses and conventions to select delegates later, beginning in April.


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