The City of Tupelo has more than 67 miles of sewer lines with man holes every 500 feet. The newer lines that are associated with Major Thoroughfare Projects over the last 20 years are not located in road so as to not cause a problem for possible future expansion of the road network. All of the sewer lines that were already place before Major Thoroughfare are located in the roadways themselves. In total, there are nearly 4,000 covers, weighing in range from 100 pounds for the non-traffic type and up to 220 pounds for the traffic use type. Tupelo Water and Light will buy anywhere from 40 to 50 new covers every year for new roads or to replace broken covers that are already on the roads. Covers used to vary in size from 18 inches wide up to 28 inches but modern covers have become a uniform size at 24 inches.

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