TUPELO • Lee County’s elections results were formally certified on Tuesday, with no recounts requested and no legal wrangling between candidates over the results.

Final results show a voter turnout of about 37 percent in Lee County for primary elections on Aug. 6. With 48,293 registered voters in the county, 18,177 of those voters cast ballots.

Turnout was much higher in the Republican primary. About 74 percent of voters who went to the polls for primaries selected a Republican ballot.

Across the state, the contested GOP gubernatorial primary has drawn strong interest. In Lee County, very few local or regional races were contested in the Democratic primary.

In the GOP gubernatorial primary, Tate Reeves won Lee County with about 45 percent of the vote. Bill Waller came in second with 38 percent of the vote. Robert Foster was at third with 16 percent of the vote.

Reeves did a little worse in Lee County than his statewide totals, and Waller a little better, but Reeves still held down a lead of more than 800 votes.

In the Republican attorney general primary, Treasurer Lynn Fitch won Lee County outright, even as she failed to garner a majority statewide and was forced into a runoff. She captured 53 percent of the vote in Lee county.

The second-place finisher was Andy Taggart, at 29 percent. Mark Baker, who will not compete in the runoff, trailed his statewide numbers by only garnering 16 percent of the Lee County primary vote.

In the race for transportation commissioner, Jeremy Martin won his home county even as he only came in fourth place across the northern district. Among the two candidates in the runoff for that seat – John Caldwell and Geoffrey Yoste – Yoste won Lee County.

In local races, certified results show incumbent Phil Morgan continued to hold an outright majority in District 1, with 50.22 percent. He escaped a runoff by only the barest margin by holding onto a vote total over 50 percent once all ballots were counted and tallied.

Of the 11 precincts that vote in District 1, Morgan won seven of them and only narrowly lost two more.

Morgan faces no general election opponent.

In supervisor District 3, challenger Todd Jordan defeated incumbent Tony Roper by a larger but still relatively small margin of victory. Jordan captured just over 51 percent of the vote, winning two of the three precincts in that district, with the large Bissell precinct as a particular area of strength.

In supervisor District 5, incumbent Billy Joe Holland defeated challenger Jack Leslie with about 65 percent of the vote. Holland lost only one of 11 precincts.

Justice Court District 2 goes to a Republican runoff between Marilyn Reed and Eric Gibens. In the primaries, Reed won 45 percent of the vote and Gibens 42 percent of the vote.

Justice Court District 3 also goes to a Republican runoff between Phyllis Maharrey Dye and Ben Raper. Dye won 38 percent of the ballots on primary day and Raper had 24 percent of the vote.

In the Democratic primary, Justice Court District 4 saw incumbent Judge Marcus Crump defeated by challenger Anthony “Tony” Rogers. Rogers received about 55 percent of the vote.

Runoffs are on Aug. 27.

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