Victor Fleitas and Todd Jordan shake hands at the end of the Daily Journal's mayoral debate Tuesday night at the Link Centre in Tupelo on May 25. 

TUPELO • The All-America City’s two candidates running for mayor have spent a combined total of $54,661 on their campaigns in the city's hotly contested mayoral election.

Todd Jordan, the Republican nominee, has received the most contributions with a little more than $61,000 in campaign donations. The Mississippi Republican Party, several local contractors and the owner of a furniture manufacturing company made up his largest donors.

State law requires candidates running for office to list the name of the donor and their employer if a donation to their campaign is greater than $200. This is called an itemized contribution. If the contribution is less than $200, candidates do not have to disclose the name of the donor, called a non-itemized contribution.

The campaign finance report filed by Todd Jordan, the Republican nominee for mayor of Tupelo.

According to Jordan’s campaign finance form submitted to the city’s municipal clerk’s office, Jordan raised $32,550 in itemized contributions and $5,599 in non-itemized contributions since the primary.

Earlier this year, Jordan filed a campaign finance report for his Republican primary race that showed he received $23,574 in donations in advance of the primary. That means that he’s received a total of $61,723 in donations throughout the duration of the mayoral race.

Adam Paxton, the owner of furniture manufacturing company Paxton Enterprises, donated $10,000 to Jordan’s campaign, making it the largest donation. The second largest donor to his campaign was the Mississippi Republican Party, which donated $5,000.

Local contractors also donated large portions of money to the Republican candidate’s campaign. Dabbs Engineering of Tupelo donated $1,000, M and N construction of Mooreville donated $1,000 and Colin Maloney, the owner of Tupelo-based Century Construction donated $2,500.

State Rep. Jerry Turner, R-Baldwyn, donated $500, making him the only political figure to make an itemized donation to Jordan’s campaign.

Even though Jordan has received a substantial amount of campaign dollars, he hasn’t even spent half of what was given to him.

Records show that he only spent $28,667. Jordan has a little over $40,000 in cash on hand that he has not spent.

In itemized expenses, Jordan has spent $3,900 with Lamar Companies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for advertising; $3,129 with the Daily Journal for advertising; $3,277 with PPI in Tupelo for campaign materials; and reimbursed himself with $3,361 in campaign expenses.

The campaign finance report filed by Victor Fleitas, the Democratic nominee for mayor of Tupelo.

Fleitas, the Democratic nominee, has received around $28,960 in total campaign donations throughout the duration of his campaign. Of that amount, $23,050 were itemized and $5,910 were non-itemized.

Fleitas gave his campaign $5,000, making that the largest donation item. Other than himself, Jim Waide, a Tupelo attorney and former law partner to Fleitas, donated $2,500.

Mayor Jason Shelton and members of his family donated $4,500 to Fleitas’ campaign. Shelton donated $1,000; Jessica Shelton, his wife, donated $1,500; and Judy Woods, his mother, donated $2,000.

Around 15 attorneys including Anthony Farese, Casey Lott, Cliff Jonson, Robert Davis and Ronnie Woodruff also donated to Fleitas’ campaign.

Fleitas has spent $25,994 out of his campaign account. Of that money, $24,979 were itemized and $1,014 were non-itemized. He has $2,996 in cash on hand.

Fleitas spent $10,000 with Chism Strategies for direct mail and digital advertising, $6,074 with AAL Enterprises for printing, and around $5,514 with Haynie Analytics for campaign consulting.

The general election between Fleitas and Jordan is on June 8.

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