Voters at the St. Paul United Methodist Church precinct round the corner of the building waiting to cast their vote on Tuesday morning.

TUPELO • Voters in the All America City will cast ballots today that will shape the next four years of municipal leadership.

Election Results: Tupelo primary races for mayor, city council 2021

Tupelo will see contested primaries in Tuesday’s elections for mayor, as well as a number of city elections.

Few races will be settled by primaries, however.

In the mayoral race, for example, Todd Jordan and Markel Whittington are competing for the Republican nominee, with the winner set to face Democrat Victor Fleitas in a June 8 general election.

Whittington is an incumbent City Council member and local businessman seeking the city’s top elected position. He has run on his experience in city government, including the economic successes of the last two terms.

Jordan is in his first term on the Lee County Board of Supervisors and is a newcomer to city politics. He has cast himself as representing a new direction for City Hall.

Republican-dominant wards will likely play a key role in selecting the GOP mayoral nominee, but some Democrats may cross over to have a say, especially in wards without competitive council races.

Voters can choose to participate in the Republican or Democratic primaries, but cannot participate in both. That means a voter cannot pick the Republican ticket in order to back Jordan or Whittington while simultaneously voting in a contested Democratic primary for a council seat.

Six of Tupelo’s seven wards will see contested primaries for council seats, though Ward 4 voters face an unusual situation: Two candidates are listed on the Democratic primary ballot, but challenger Gregory Humphrey has died, leaving incumbent Nettie Davis also certain to win, though write-in votes can be counted in that race.

Polls open for party primaries at 7 a.m. and will stay open till 7 p.m. Photo identification is required to cast a ballot, and anyone in line by 7 p.m. will have a chance to vote.

The following is a list of all contested primary races on the ballot, not a list of all candidates.


Todd Jordan (R)

Markel Whittington (R)

Ward 1

Amanda Angle (R)

Eric Hampton (R)

Megan Kessler (R)

Chad Mims (R)

Ward 2

Candice Knowles (D)

Demetra Sherer (D)

Ward 3

Travis Beard (R)(i)

Bradley Gillespie (R)

Maddie Ludt (D) (has sought to discontinue to her candidacy, but will appear on ballot)

Kenneth Wayne (D)

Ward 4

Nettie Davis (D)(i)

Greg “G-Hump” Humphrey (D) (deceased, but will appear on ballot)

Ward 6

Mike Bryan (R)(i)

Sherri McClain (R)

Janet Gaston (R)

Ward 7

Willie Jennings (D)(i)

Rosezlia “Rosie” Jones (D)

Jerry Coleman (D)

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