IUKA • The National Weather Service in Memphis has confirmed that two tornadoes hit Tishomingo County on Saturday evening, damaging trees and houses in and around Iuka.

The preliminary damage survey, released Monday afternoon, said a thunderstorm produced two short-lived tornadoes. There were no fatalities or injuries associated with the tornadoes.

The first tornado was rated an EF-1 with an estimated peak wind of 105 mph. It traveled 3.5 miles and was up to 200 yards wide. It touched down at 6:09 p.m. and lasted eight minutes.

The first observed damage was just west of the intersection of Highway 25 and Business Highway 25 on the north end of town. The tornado moved south-southeast, uprooting or snapping numerous trees along its path. Several trees fell onto houses or storage buildings. The tornado was fairly disorganized early in its life, but strengthened as it approached the center of Iuka. Several homes suffered roof damage and storage buildings were damaged or destroyed.

The tornado began weakening after it crossed Eastport street, and the last observed damage was south of Highway 172.

The second tornado was rated an EF-0 with a peak wind speed of 70 mph. It was on the ground for about a half-mile and its maximum path was 50 yards wide. The minute-long twister started at 6:22 p.m.

This brief tornado damaged trees along and near County Road 247 southeast of Iuka.

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