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BOONEVILLE - A man is recovering in a Memphis hospital after a Good Samaritan shot him as he assaulted a female.

Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar said deputies responded to an altercation in the Wheeler area Tuesday night but were unable to locate the suspect. A resident called 911 around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and said he was near the Wheeler Head Start following the suspect from the night before.

"The caller stayed on the line as best was possible keeping the dispatch posted on the suspect's location and direction of travel as well as his erratic behavior," Tolar said.

When the suspect went to a nearby residence and started assaulting a female, the caller confronted the suspect and shot him twice. Deputies arrived shortly thereafter and incapacitated the suspect. Tolar said the actions likely saved the woman's life.

While waiting for ambulances to arrive, the suspect admitted he had beaten an elderly man nearby in his shop. Deputies responded to that address and found the man clinging to life.

The victims were taken to the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. The suspect was airlifted to the Region One Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to Tolar, the female victim was treated and released Wednesday evening. The male victim is in a coma in critical condition. The suspect is reported in stable condition.

"Presently, charges have been filed against the suspect for two counts of attempted murder," Tolar said. "He will be transported back to Prentiss County upon his release from the The Med in Memphis."

Tolar said the investigation is ongoing and he is not ready to release the name of the suspect until he is in custody.


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