TUPELO – Readers’ Choice 2017 is off to another great start in voting again this year, collecting more than 120,000 votes from more than 5,100 different voters so far – and counting.

There are five overall categories of voting: Dining, service, medical, retail and community.

Each of those categories encompasses different specialties such as best hamburger, best hair salon or best minister.

While this process of online voting is nothing new to the Daily Journal community, winners are being determined in a new way – with an exciting twist – this year.

Round 1 voting

The general voting ballots are open from May 8 to 19. This process mimics voting from the previous three years exactly. All can vote once per day.

Logging in with an email address is required to ensure validity to the voting process. The ballots started completely empty, and all entries have been written in/nominated by the Northeast Mississippi community at large.

All nominations are accepted if they meet the following three conditions:

1. The nomination must be valid for the category in which it has been nominated.

2. The business must be open for business during the voting period.

3. The business must be located within the Daily Journal’s 16-county area.

Nominees are manually approved based on the above criteria.

From this first round of voting, the top three finalists will be determined and revealed on Monday, May 22, similarly to how the top three finalists were released online in 2016.

Round 2 voting

The big change this year is the addition of a second round of voting.

Instead of the voting ending after the preliminary round, a second round of voting will commence among only the top three finalists in each category.

Vote counts will be entirely re-set at zero and the community will determine the overall Readers’ Choice winners.

This second round of voting was added after listening to feedback from many of Northeast Mississippi readers.

The second round of voting will take place May 22 to May 29.

The winners will be announced live at the awards show June 29 at 5:30pm at the Tupelo Furniture Market and in print and online on June 30.

To cast ballots, go to http://vote.djournal.com/.

Readers can vote daily for local favorites to determine the 2017 winners.

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