Why is the casino

alive in Tishomingo?

The "Gambling Cartel" has repeatedly made empty promises.. Their representative, Mr. Jerry Jackson, stated, "We will not come if we are not wanted." When asked to contract with Iuka aldermen concerning, they refused. Thousands of tax dollars were spent to conduct a vote on this issue. Supervisors, as did our Board of Aldermen, rejected the casino.

Persons opposed the casino received warning phone calls and personal threats. There are rumors that community leaders were given an opportunity to "invest" in the casino with a promise of receiving a large return if it comes here? Was the public disclosure of hotel bills, indicating Iuka board members and Supervisors stayed at casino hotels, an attempt to extort support or undermine influence?

Has the chairman of our Board of Supervisors represented our county in efforts to lobby for the casino? If he has made trips, who paid for them? We need to know the truth.

The chairman of theBoard of Supervisors states, "They just want to have some sort of Economic Enterprise.'"

Is he working for the people of his district (who voted against the casino) and the people of Tishomingo County (who voted against the casino) or for the "Gambling Cartel" and local "investors"?

A casino takes money from our people and puts it in the pockets of owners and investors. The select few, who have controlled our community and kept our people poor , will grow more powerful and wealthy.

They want to keep wages low, jobs scarce, and our lives in their control. The casino is another way for them to continue their legacy.

Once we give a piece of our community away, we may never get it back. They won't pay taxes, and can do anything they want on their reservation within federal law. We are giving a part of our community to a foreign country.

Will the people of Tishomingo County let this be shoved down our throats, "whether we like it or not?" Will we be threatened and intimidated? Will those who have held us under their political-economic thumb by manipulating our poor and uneducated continue to run or county? Will we decide our on future and build a community that is a good place for our grandchildren to grow up?

Why is the casino still alive?

Dwain Whitehurst


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