Kissinger made chancellor at William and Mary

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Henry Kissinger will be installed as chancellor of the College of William and Mary early next year.

The former secretary of state succeeds former British Prime Minister Margarat Thatcher as an adviser and public advocate for the college.

He will be installed at a Feb. 10 ceremony marking the 308th anniversary of the granting of the school's charter by King William III and Queen Mary II.

The position of chancellor was held by either the Bishop of London or the Archbishop of Canterbury until the American Revolution. The first American chancellor was George Washington.

Moore in lawsuit filed

by former gardener

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - Mary Tyler Moore is being sued by a landscaper who was fired from her estate.

Anibal Garcia, 38, claims he was fired from Moore's 123-acre estate in upstate New York because he is Hispanic and because he complained about a co-worker's racist remarks.

Although Moore and her husband, Robert Levine, were not the ones who fired Garcia, he said they failed to take any action on his complaints or his dismissal.

Moore's lawyer, Lance Valdez, called the lawsuit "an absolutely frivolous claim."

SAG fines Woods $50,000 for Buick commercial

LOS ANGELES - Tiger Woods was fined $50,000 by the Screen Actors Guild for shooting a Buick commercial during the six-month strike against advertisers.

"The decision to shoot a commercial during the SAG strike was a difficult one," Woods said in a statement Thursday. "I was facing the impossible task of trying to live up to my obligations to my sponsors while at the same time honoring my commitment to other SAG members.

"Now more than ever, I understand how serious SAG's situation was, and I apologize for any pain I may have caused."

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