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Two Columbus men are on Santa’s naughty list and facing lengthy prison sentences after one of them allegedly beat his girlfriend on Old Planters Road.

While investigating the incident, Plantersville police officers recovered stolen property and cocaine with packaging materials within 1,500 feet of a church.

Police said the victim was punched in the head and face by Ross Orlandrus Lewis, a 23-year-old black male from Columbus. When the victim fled to neighbors for help, Lewis ran away barefooted and armed with a .32-caliber revolver.

A friend of Ross was also staying in the residence. He has been identified as Courtney Deon Parson, 23, of Columbus, MS.

During the investigation of the assault, Plantersville Officers recovered a stolen laptop and more than a gram of cocaine with packaging materials.

Shannon police and their K9 assisted in the manhunt for Ross Lewis, but the trail was lost in the rain. Lewis is wanted by the Plantersville police for domestic violence, felony drug charges, and possession of stolen property. The police are also tracking several other electronic devices that were recovered. Ross Lewis should be considered armed and is known to frequent the Lawndale area of Tupelo. Anyone with information on the suspect should contact law enforcement or Crimestoppers.

Chief Maury Schuh commented, “Once more this is a case of criminals trying to come to a small town to hide and set up a base of operations for criminal activity. As the town of Plantersville has demonstrated over and over this year, if you come here you will be busted. The residents of Plantersville band together to keep our town safe."

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