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Postal workers air complaints through ads

Postal workers in Tupelo decided not to join their colleagues in other parts of the country who were staging informational pickets Wednesday aimed at what they called "short-sighted management" that could disrupt service.

Thomas Underwood, president of the Tupelo chapter of the National Association of Letter Carriers, said the group supports the national effort but decided to run an ad stating its charges rather than stage a picket. Unfortunately, the wrong ad, one announcing the picket, got into the newspaper, causing some confusion.

The letter carriers are charging that managers within the postal service "too often harass and intimidate letter carriers and other postal employees" and that new automated sorting systems "will soon cause serious disruption of service to homes and business," the ad stated.

"We really don't have a big problem in Tupelo," Underwood said of local management and service.

Underwood said the pickets were really aimed at Postmaster General Marvin Runyon. "He's the one making the policies," he said.

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