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Fishermen invited to build fish habitat

PONTOTOC - Fisherman who are fond of casting in the waters of Trace Lake are invited to help build winter homes for the game fish that live there.

Lee Roland, a ranger at Trace State Park off Mississippi Highway 6 in Pontotoc County, said that about 150 cedar trees have been donated to the park, but the park had neither the boats nor the manhours to sink the trees in the lake to make fish habitats.

"Each fisherman can come out and build his own fish cover wherever his favorite spot is," Roland said. "All he has to bring is the rope and the boat. We have plenty of trees and rocks."

Fishermen wishing to build fish covers should inquire at the park offices at the park entrance before going to the lake, he said. For more information, call the Trace State Park offices at 489-2958.

- Jane Hill

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