3Q's: Morgan Baldwin, Political Consultant


By NEMS Daily Journal

Morgan Baldwin has worked in political consulting for the past 21 years in both Alabama and Mississippi. After working for the Alabama Republican Party, he moved to Mississippi in 1991 and managed the successful campaign of Eddie Briggs for lieutenant governor.

He formed Baldwin & Associates in 2001, and most recently managed the congressional campaign for the 1st District's new congressman-elect, Alan Nunnelee.

Baldwin answered these questions last week about the campaign and political consulting:

Q:How did the congressional campaign with Alan Nunnelee differ from all the other political campaigns you've worked on and why?

A:Campaigns tend to take on the personality of the candidate. Congressman-elect Nunnelee is very good to work for because he sets the vision for the campaign and then allows our team to implement the plan. While each campaign has a unique personality, they all have the same basic elements with your time being spent on grassroots efforts and financial resources being spent on getting the candidates message to the voters.

Q:To what degree did the national anti-incumbent sentiment play a role in Mississippi's 1st District race?

A:National issues were a major factor in the 1st District race. The voters are very frustrated with the direction of our country and are expecting to see a more responsible government. They are looking for elected officials who will represent their views and who will serve "We The People."

Q:Can you describe what it's like to be an insider on a congressional campaign and what goes into an undertaking like running a race?

A:I can tell you that running a campaign is not a glamour job. It is a huge undertaking that demands constant attention and the outcome is based on how well you stay focused on very basic details. While it is a demanding task, it is an honor to play a small role in electing good people like Congressman-elect Nunnelee to office.

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