BOONEVILLE • The City of Booneville welcomed a new partnership with refuse truck manufacturer New Way, which will invest approximately $2.5 million in and bring 100 jobs to Prentiss County, according to Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr.

New Way is a product of McLaughlin Family Companies, and several partners were involved in bringing the company to Booneville.

“We’re now a part of your family. We are now your family. We play as one team in Mississippi and we play as a team to win,” McCullough said. “New Way is going to drive the difference.”

Executive director of the Prentiss County Development Association Leon Hays, Prentiss County Board of Supervisors President Matt Murphy, Mayor Chris Lindley and other local and state representatives welcomed McLaughlin Family Companies CEO Mike McLaughlin and his family at an economic development announcement Saturday.

Hays, the executive director of the Prentiss County Development Association, played a crucial role in helping facilitate the partnership. McCullough personally thanked Hays for stepping up, as Hays facilitated a meeting between the company and also did a follow-up visit with MDA Deputy Chief of Economic Development Tracey Giles to the factory headquarters in Scranton, Iowa.

“Here in Booneville, we have enjoyed several manufacturers that have been successful for 40, 50 plus years and it’s due to the productivity of our workforce here, and we are excited about the potential for that same type of success to happen for New Way,” Hays said. “We’re looking forward to partnering hand in hand with them to support their needs and any opportunity for growth on into the future.”

Partners for the project included the Prentiss County Board of Supervisors, City of Booneville Board of Aldermen, Northeast Mississippi Community College, Northeast Mississippi Planning and Development District, Prentiss County Electric and Tennessee Valley Authority and MDA, among others.

McCullough, who appeared on behalf of Governor Phil Bryant, emphasized the McLaughlin family as family entrepreneurs, manufacturers and “a family of faith.” The estimated 100 jobs will have an average salary of $40,000 a year, bringing approximately $4 million in annual payroll to Prentiss County.

“This is a strategic win for Mississippi, for Booneville and for Prentiss County,” McCullough said.

The manufacturing company will be located at 1 Wolverine Drive in the Booneville/Prentiss County Industrial Park. The facility is 152,000 square feet with a 40 acre site. It was formerly WOLVERINE.

Operation could begin in the first quarter of 2020, Hays said. The hiring process will start online on the New Way Trucks website, and there will also be partnerships with local job networks and Northeast Mississippi Community College to encourage others to apply. Hays also hopes to have a job fair in the near future.

McLaughlin told attendees that he was excited to be in attendance, stating that over the last seven to eight months, the company has travelled to find a location for their fourth location.

“We can’t thank the state of Mississippi enough, [and] Prentiss County, Booneville,” McLaughlin said. “We are happy to make Mississippi another footprint.”

McLaughlin said the company is currently in the process of buying equipment for the factory. Hays said the project came together relatively fast, taking about three and a half months to go through the process for a possibly building location. As the company purchases equipment and build out needs in the manufacturing location, activity could begin in the facility in the next month or two as they look to stage equipment and prepare it for operations.

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