Maj. Gen. T.K. Moffett's Top 5 war heroes:

1. Gen. George Washington

2. Gen. Robert E. Lee

3. Douglas McArthur

4. Maj. Gen. Terry Allen

5. Chaplain Gordon Terpstra

By Danza Johnson

Daily Journal

TUPELO - To retired Maj. Gen. T.K. Moffett, courage, faith and humility are attributes that makes a person a hero, and those qualities are why he respects and idolizes Gen. George Washington.

A picture of Washington kneeling down and praying over his men hangs in Moffett's office. Moffett is an admirer of the first president of the United States for his contributions on the battlefield.

"George is the No. 1 hero in a military context," said Moffett as he sat at his desk with Washington looming over his head. "He was a man of great faith, courage and humility and that's what made him a great man and soldier. Veterans Day is meant for men like George who give all they can to this country."

Today is the observance of the Veterans Day holiday, and as a nearly 40-year Army veteran, Moffett knows how important it is to celebrate the service of his hero and others like him.

Moffett has had a very decorated military career since he was a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1967. He served in Operation Dessert Storm in 1990 and has trained hundreds of troops for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He's received dozens of awards and accolades in his career, but it's the things Moffett has received that aren't on plaques and can't be pinned to his chest he cherishes the most.

"I've never felt I did anything to get a medal," said Moffett. "The things that are worth more to me than anything I've ever gotten are the calls from my soldiers saying that they thank me for training them so they can do their jobs. Those are the things that stick with me."

Despite wide opposition for the war in Iraq among Americans, Moffett said the support the soldiers have received is a clear example of what Veterans Day is all about.

"No matter how people feel about this war, their love for the soldiers fighting in it is unquestionable," said Moffett. "People understand that the soldiers are doing their jobs. Our soldiers who protect us should be celebrated on Veterans Day and every other day of the year."

Even though Moffett retired September from the Mississippi National Guard to his career as an attorney at his law firm, his mind is often thousands of miles away from courtrooms.

"I miss being with my men," said Moffett. "I miss training soldiers and I just miss being a military man, but I know I'll always be a soldier, retired or not."

Like Washington, Moffett said his faith has gotten him through a lot in his military career and like Washington, his men have loved him for it.

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