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If you click through to the "calendar" section on our website, you may have noticed noticed that our community calendar has a new look. 

Our new interactive calendar allows you to see upcoming events such as concerts, local gatherings, live performances at local restaurants and much more. 

It even allows restaurants, churches, venues, organizations, etc. to submit their own upcoming events, to ensure that a wide range of activities are listed for those who use it to their plan their entertainment.

Coming to town to visit family? Going out of town? Want to see what all is going on in North Mississippi and beyond? Our new Scene calendar is your one-stop shop to help you make plans:!/

Here's how it works, when you first click into the calendar it shows you events within a 25 mile radius of Tupelo. But you can change your starting point by simply entering where you are, or where you're heading to. 

We would love to hear your feedback on the new look and functionality of the calendar at

Twitter: @JLgrindin

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