The NCAA said Wednesday that it has evidence of a violation or violations committed by Renardo Sidney or his family, but that the evidence has not been confirmed by anyone on the record.

Representatives from the Eligibility Center interviewed Sidney and his parents, Renardo Sr. and Patricia, for approximately six hours Wednesday at the Montgomery, Ala., office of Donald Jackson, who's representing the Sidneys in the NCAA's ongoing amateurism evaluation of the 6-foot-10 basketball player.

Jackson said investigator Steve Webb "confirmed that the Eligibility Center has no one 'on the record' that has established violations of any type. He stated that they 'hope to have someone on the record in the future.'

"He stated that the Eligibility Center cannot declare a student athlete ineligible based upon anonymous sources but confirmed that they only have anonymous source information."

Jackson said the interviews focused mainly on information discussed the first time the NCAA interviewed the Sidneys in July.

Jackson also said that the investigators requested his help in setting up interviews with Reebok staffer Chris Rivers and a "team mother" from a Los Angeles area high school.

Renardo Sr. was a paid consultant for Reebok at one time.

Sidney and his family moved in 2006 to L.A., there he graduated frokm high school. He's been practicing with MSU (10-2) but has not played.

NCAA spokesman Bob Williams could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

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