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TUPELO • Supervisor Mike Smith looked poise to win a second term, according to incomplete vote totals from Lee County’s District 2.

The second supervisor’s district has six precincts, and as of press time Tuesday night, Lee County Circuit Clerk Camille Roberts Dulaney had read results from all six precincts though no printed tally was available from her office.

Results from all six precincts show that the Republican incumbent had 4,345 votes to Democrat C. Richard Cotton’s 1,290.

These numbers also do not contain any affidavit votes cast in the race.

Smith is a cattle farmer who is completing his first term of office in the political arena, and has promised that he will continue to support policies that bolster Lee County’s status as the economic hub of Northeast Mississippi.

“I want to continue to keep Lee County a leader and a great place to live,” Smith told the Daily Journal during the election.

Indeed, Smith’s campaign amounted to a more-of-the-same-message and had few policy proposals that he offered other than a commitment to infrastructure maintenance and a business friendly environment.

During his last term, Smith did advocate for the county to seek a consultant to study long festering problems at the Lee County jail, but little progress was every made and no consultant has been hired.

Smith could not immediately be reached for a comment Tuesday night. A glitch involving software used by the Circuit Clerk’s office dramatically slowed down vote tabulations.

Cotton, a freelance journalist and small businessman, was making his first foray into elected politics. He did serve for a time as the chairman of the Lee County Democratic Party.

Without directly criticizing his opponent, Cotton hinted that entered the race over a controversy earlier this year involving Smith. The District 2 incumbent tried to block the county’s only black supervisor from receiving county funds to cover the costs of attending a gathering of minority supervisors

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