You gotta figure no business person would let go unchallenged the kind of story we had in Sunday's Daily Journal and on about the biofuels manufacturer Mississippi Petroleum Investment Co. and its partner Universal Bioenergy Inc.

But as of nearly 5 p.m. Monday, not a peep out of either - to say "It's all lies!" or "Wait a minute, I can explain" or anything else.

I never really like going to press with a behind-kicker like that one without the simultaneous response of the kickee. But when the clock chimes, you hit the send button.

I'll be at the Jan. 7 eviction hearing in Chickasaw County, to see if anybody shows up to defend MIPCO for alleged non-payment of rent to Sen. Jack Gordon.

I'd also still like to hear from MIPCO, as well as Universal, which claims it has/had a deal with MIPCO to pay it $250K per month to lease the defunct Nettleton biofuels plant.

They'll have to fight through the cobwebs to get there.

Guys, call me.

Readers, stay tuned.... patsy

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