No, Houston, we're not in Kansas any more. It's Oxford.

Who knows what's true in the chatter that's picked up about Ole Miss head football coach Houston Nutt's alleged interest in the job at Kansas. He's certainly more attractive than their previous coach, Big Boy Chuck M., no doubt.

But I'm not about to start throwing the Nutt out with the bath water before it's clear what's going on.

I'm not about to start liking Tommy Tuberville again, although I could, under the right circumstances.

I'd just like to see some recruitment scores for O and D linemen, a couple of tight ends, a non-porous defense and a tall Qback with multiple skills. Is that all? Well, no, but it's a start.

Here's what the Kansas City Star is reporting about Nutt:

Ole Miss coach Nutt interested in KU job, has talked with Perkins

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