In the ever hyperbolistic world of disgraced financier R. Allen Stanford, here's a new one for anybody who cares:

Stanford's attorneys say he's so doped up in jail that he can't help them prepare for his January trial start.

Stanford has tried at least three times to convince the U.S. District Court in Houston, Texas, and then the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans to let him out of jail on bond. No luck there, even to say he can't help his attorneys prepare for trial for numerous reasons.

Now, they've got a new tactic. Frankly, they may be telling the truth. They say he's been given some many meds for pain - he got jumped at least once in jail – that he's just a blob of a client.

Probably not popular, I have said I think it's wrong to keep him in jail without bond. Everybody else indicted in the case it out on bond. If the world of global law enforcement can find WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, I suspect they could find Stanford, if he took off – which is the alleged fear and reason for his lack of bail.

Anyway, Stanford will go on trial in Houston, the court says, on Jan. 24.

Anyone who wants to watch the proceedings should take a sabbatical – the court has set aside six months for the action in downtown Houston.

More later, no doubt... patsy

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