I've written so many times about North Mississippi's situation for lack of a U.S. attorney that it almost seems ridiculous, here in December 2010, more than two years after President Obama's election, to talk about a sure thing for an appointment.

So, I wont' say it's a sure thing.

But I'm told from a very reliable source, with Washington perspectives, that state Sen. Gray Tollison of Oxford will be The Guy. Tollison is mum on the subject.

Of course, that comes after months and months of on/off/confused, and yea even no reports that it was Oxford attorney Christi R. McCoy or Felicia Adams, who's an assistant U.S. attorney in Jackson.

But maybe this time, it's right. We'll see.

McCoy, who is really an excellent courtroom defense attorney, apparently got jammed for various reasons, which are yet to face the light of day.

First, there's the "jammed" by then-U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee, who is alleged to have told the Department of Justice that McCoy wasn't the one, for some reason.

Unconfirmed reports also claim the waters were troubled by unfounded allegations about a criminal investigator she and numerous other attorneys used occasionally.

There's also the she-represented-Steve-Patterson excuse, which seems somewhat flimsy, since everybody deserves legal representation.

But the Obama Administration has been consistently afraid of controversy, so maybe any smell of the Scruggs judicial case didn't help McCoy's nomination.

As for Adams, seems unlikely she would want to upend her government path as a career assistant by leapfrogging to a job that could be pulled out from under her after Obama's presidency ends.

Other names have been on the table, for conjecture, but they don't seem to have the credibility of McCoy and Adams.

But Tollison doesn't seem plaqued by anything that can't be accepted as "it happens" kind of stuff. And there's no doubt that he and his noted father, Grady, have been correctly politically connected for the post.

My source says to look for the nomination announcement in early 2011.

That would be convenient for Gray T., whom I'm told may face tougher-than-usual opposition, if he sought re-election to the state Senate. Early March is the qualifying deadline.

As for the U.S. marshal nomination, it may be so deep into "who cares" that we just live with an interim person until somebody does.

And so, dear readers, we wait.

Polish those crystal balls. That's about all we're going to get for a while.

Stay tuned... patsy

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