Byron Alvarado

April Michelle Herron, left, wants the men responsible for the death of fiancee Byron Alvarado brought to justice. He was shot in the door of their home on Feb. 25, just four days before they were to be married.

HICKORY FLAT – More than two weeks after a Hickory Flat man was gunned down in the front doorway of his home, there have been no arrests.

More than a dozen shots were fired into the trailer of Byron Miguel Alvarado, 26, on the morning of Feb. 25. One bullet passed through the door and hit him in the stomach.

“I was laying on the floor beside him, begging him to stay. He died in my arms,” said Alvarado’s fiancee, April Michelle Herron. “He was murdered. They didn’t just take his life. They took my life, too. He was all I had.”

Benton County authorities have been quiet about the Feb. 25 death of Alvarado. Benton County Sheriff A.A. McMullen did not respond to messages left by the Daily Journal at his office last week.

When reached by cell phone Monday afternoon, McMullen offered few details about the crime other than Alvarado died from a gunshot wound.

“We’re still knee-deep in the investigation. Right now we are waiting on the autopsy report,” McMullen said. “We’ve got some weapons we collected, but we won’t know what caliber bullet killed him until we get the autopsy report. We’re in the dark. Hopefully, we’ll get the autopsy report by the end of the week.”

While the sheriff was short on details, Herron was more forthcoming. She said three men arrived at the home just west of Hickory Flat High School around 9:45 a.m. She said the men were trying to back out of a deal to sell a gun to Alvarado, but they did not want to return Alvarado’s money.

She said the men and Alvarado argued on the front porch for 15 minutes or more before things got quiet as if the argument had been resolved.

“He came back inside and slammed the door. Our door doesn’t catch good, so you have to shut it hard,” Herron said. “The next thing, I’m hearing gunshots. He’s in the front hallway on the floor. He’s holding his stomach, and I saw he had been hit.”

She said 15 rounds were fired into and through the door of the trailer. The outside of the trailer on Elm Street is peppered with holes. At least three shots passed through the grill on the porch. Alvarado never returned fire, she said.

The sheriff said his investigator is still interviewing people in the area and those connected with Alvarado, but no one has yet been charged.

“I wish I could say that we got the right people charged and under arrest, but I can’t just yet,” McMullen said. “We want to make sure we have all our evidence right before we get a warrant.”

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 224-8941.

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