IUKA - Half of the Tishomingo County stores checked last weekend during an undercover investigation failed to check ID when a teenager tried to buy alcohol.

Tishomingo County Sheriff John Daugherty said the state Alcohol Beverage Control teamed up with the Iuka Police Department and the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Office. Officers sent 17-year-olds with a valid driver's license as identification into a total of eight stores.

Four of the stores checked the ID and/or refused to sell to the teen. Martyville on Highway 25 in Tishomingo, the Exxon on Battleground Drive in Iuka, the Shell on West Quitman in Iuka, and the Valero Express on Highway 72 in Burnsville all passed.

The four stores which sold alcohol and/or didn't check the ID are: Old 25 Wine & Spirits on Battleground Drive in Iuka, The Package Store on Highway 72 in Burnsville, the One Stop Marathon on West Quitman Street in Iuka, and the Burnsville Fast Stop on Highway 72.

The store clerks or managers at the latter businesses were issued misdemeanor citations through Tishomingo County Justice Court. The businesses could face administrative fines and suspensions of their permits.

Currently no state statute exists requiring businesses to check an ID. State statute does require that the persons purchasing alcoholic beverages or beer must be 21, and the only way to verify the age is by the clerks checking IDs.



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