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This summer has been a learning experience for a number of young people in and around Aberdeen.

About 60 5-year-olds from the Aberdeen area have been taking part in the Summer Discovery program, sponsored by Lift, Inc. The program started May 27 and will be wrapping up next week.

During the program teachers Hilda Garth, Lucinda Thomas and Deborah Herndon worked with the youngsters in language arts skills, reading readiness and math readiness. The areas are designed to get the children ready for the start of kindergarten this fall.

The kids come in to the center located on Commerce Street in Aberdeen during two daily sessions, one in the morning and one after lunch, on Monday through Wednesday, with each child coming for one session per week.

There were seven children at one session last week, divided into three groups working in three different areas.

Ryan Luker and Darius Hall were working with Garth. They had learned the nursery rhyme “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” and were working on making a clock and a mouse. They had also been learning how to write their first names.

At another table, Thomas had been working with Darren Lucas, Katera Moore and Octavius White while they played a game of number hopscotch, with each of the children taking turns placing a bean bag on the correct number on a hopscotch board.

The last group, Jarshae Devauld and Payton Gilmore, were listening to Herndon telling the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”

Ann Tackett, the director of the program and director of the Families First Resource Center, also located on Commerce Street in Aberdeen, said the response to this year’s program had been tremendously successful.

In addition to their regular activities, the children in the program also took fields trips to see the movie “Finding Nemo,” enjoyed a magic show, and heard from various people from the community who came in for visits.

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