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The Monroe County Board of Supervisors is examining requests from the cities of Aberdeen and Amory to pave some city streets.

During the board’s meeting Friday, Sept. 19, the members of the board raised some concerns about the street paving requests when Board Attorney John Creekmore presented a resolution on the requests from Amory.

Under the agreement, which is similar to agreements made between the county and the municipalities in the past, the county would provide the equipment and labor to pave the streets while the municipalities would pay for the cost of the materials.

District 4 Supervisor Bubba Henley voiced concern because of the increasing number of city streets the county was being asked to pave.

Other members of the board agreed.

“It seems to me we’re going to have to limit this,” said District 1 Supervisor Randle Gray.

County Manager Sonny Clay said Amory had a request for 34 streets to be paved. He said he had not gotten a list from Aberdeen as of yet.

“Amory’s got three weeks of work, hard work,” Clay said. “If we do that, we need to recoup our labor.”

He told the board that paving for the county gets priority and paving for the municipalities is done when the crews are fee.

District 2 Supervisor Carroll Moffett said if the county was going to pave any streets, the list would have to be cut at least in half.

Henley said he was still opposed to the idea because the county returns half the ad valorem tax revenue to the municipalities.

“I don’t see an end to this,” Henley said. “They’ve got a budget. We’ve got a budget. Let them take care of their own.”

Board President and District 5 Supervisors Rayburn Cox said the board would need to look into the matter further before any decision could be made.

In other business:

• Representatives from Vista III Media came before the board in order to work out an impasse over running fiber optic cable lines along Old Highway 25. In the board’s meeting Friday, Sept. 12, the board voted not to allow the lines to be run because of some objections which had been raised by land owners.

The board agreed that County Engineer Sam Jaynes would meet with the Vista III representatives and work out a solution acceptable for both the company and the concerned residents.

“We’re going to try and accommodate you all and the property owners out there,” Cox said.

• The board approved a resolution recognizing the work done by members of the Aberdeen-Monroe County Hospital Board.

• The board approved the purchase of right-of-way along Matubba Creek and Coontail Road for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers creek bank stabilization project.

• The next meeting of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors will be Friday, Sept. 26, at 10 a.m. in the Chancery Building on Commerce Street in Aberdeen. The meeting is open to the public.

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