The Salvation Army relies on community support through volunteering, donations and engagement to maintain its mission of serving people in need.

During the pandemic, the Salvation Army provided over 58,000 meals, over 20,000 nights sleep and kept 500 families from having to experience homelessness by offering utility and rental assistance in partnership with United Way of Northeast Mississippi and the CREATE Foundation, which provided funds to help people facing COVID-related shortfalls.

Their iconic red kettles will be out this Christmas season, and their Empty Bowls program returns in March.

The local branch of the Salvation Army is continually seeking volunteers to help with these programs, and donations are always welcome. Donated funds always stay local

“The reality is with these increased services, it requires increased resources, so we’re going ahead and doing this because it’s the right thing to do for the community, but we do need to find those resources to continue this expanded program,” said Captain Rob Dolby.

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