TUPELO • A severe storm Sunday night produced a tornado that left a trail of damage in Lee, Calhoun and Pontotoc counties.

The storm passed through Tupelo about 10 p.m. Entering from the southwest and going northeast, the storm caused extensive damage throughout the city. A Mississippi Department of Transportation camera captured a photo of the tornado near I-22 west of Veterans Boulevard.

There were reports of trees, power lines, fences and signs down throughout the city. Some of the damage occurred along Elvis Presley Drive in the east section. Roofs were destroyed on several houses and trees were knocked down across the street.

Tupelo leaders report extensive damage, but no injuries from Sunday storm

The tornado tore off part of the roof on Terrille and Chaquilla Pulliam’s home at 1818 Elvis Presley Drive.

“We looked out the door and saw it, so we went in for safety. It was coming from that direction,” said Chaquilla Pulliam, pointing toward the southwest.

Terrille Pulliam said about 10 family members sought refuge from the storm inside the house. “We got everybody inside in time,” he said.

At 12:30 a.m. Monday, the Pulliams were removing items from their damaged house - placing them in vehicles that had busted glass from the tornado's impact.

Ron Thompson, who lives on nearby Range Road, recognized from his past training in meteorology that a tornado was near.

“When I saw the elements as they were, heavy trees were basically leaned over 45 degrees, I said it’s here. So, my family and I took shelter,” he said. “Once we realized it had gone past us, we came out.”

Emergency workers spent most of the night cleaning debris from the streets. There were no reports of injuries.

There also were reports of damage in southeastern Pontotoc County. In Calhoun County, Sheriff Greg Pollan said on his office’s Facebook page that Calhoun City had been hit hard.

“Light poles have been snapped off. Trees in a few homes. Trees on vehicles. Damage to several businesses,” he said. “Fortunately, we have had no reports at this time of injuries.”

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