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FULTON - A phone scam asking people for money has the Itawamba Sheriff's Department on alert.

Sheriff Chris Dickinson said a woman identifying herself as a volunteer with the sheriff's department is calling businesses and asking for monetary donations to help needy children.

Dickinson learned of the scam when the caller phoned the wife of a sheriff's department employee, who owns a carriage-rental business.

"She said her name was Sherry and she wanted to raise money for children," said Mary Lou Knight, who answered the phone.

When Knight said she needed to consult her husband when he returned at night, the caller sounded upset it'd take so long to get an answer.

"Then I said, "Well you can just call him. He works at the sheriff's department. And she changed her tune real quick. She sounded real surprised."

Knight said the caller hung up, and Knight called the sheriff's department to alert them.

Dickinson said he will start investigating the incident. He said anyone getting a similar phone call should not donate money. Instead, he said, alert the sheriff's department at 862-3401.

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