Langford's discovery

isn't new for most

This is in reference to Charlie Langford's column in the Friday Oct. 19 Daily Journal where, in his "Back Porch Observation," finally thinks that "greatness is at hand" with President Bush and his reaction to the awful terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

Well guess what? While Langford done everything he could do to undermine this president in past columns and articles, he continues - regardless of what he thought then or thinks now. What he may not quite comprehend is that Bush isn't looking for and seeking out personal greatness like President Clinton (who ran the country by what the poll numbers said and what would be the best and most expedient thing for him politically), Bush actually cares about this nation's welfare above his own personal and political gain. Bush is pursuing results - he speaks the language of accomplishment for this country - not one of blame and hair-splitting over what the meaning of is is.

If you recall, on Sept. 24, a CNN/Gallop Poll said that the American people support Bush by 90 ppercent! This approval rating is higher than what any other president has ever seen. My, how that must irk Clinton, who is currently running around trying to build a legacy that was never there and trying to save face with the American people by telling everyone who will listen how he missed Osama by "a little over an hour." Clinton has bitterly complained that if the FBI hadn't spent so much time in chasing down his behavior, they would have had more time to chase down terrorists.

Give me a break! There were plenty of opportunities for Clinton to grasp - many were terrorist attacks against Americans. Well, let's see; the original attacks on the Trade Towers went unpunished - the attack on the USS Cole went unpunished - need more? The only thing Clinton did was launch missiles at aspirin factories and empty tents on the same day he was on trial for perjury. How convenient. "Wag The Dog" anyone?

Unlike his predecessor, Bush is committed to using the maximum force necessary from the full range of the U.S. arsenal of assets, giving the military the ability to accomplish its task without pulling political punches or allowing the press full access to every maneuver and trick we have up our sleeve.

Recently, a Zogby International poll released showed that Americans prefer to have President Bush leading them through the current terrorist crisis over ex-president Clinton by a landslide margin of 72 percent to 20 percent.

It is both refreshing and reassuring to have a leader with the right stuff in these tough times, which is why George W. Bush is a president who has faced the deadly challenge that caused the cold-blooded murder of 6,000 innocents on Sept. 11 and met it square in the eye with intelligence, common sense, and steely resolve.

God bless America.

David Williams


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