Wins over Houston Baptist and Vanderbilt balanced what had been a wreck of last week for men's basketball head coach Rob Evans.

The travel woes from the previous weekend's ice storm have been well documented. What hasn't been well documented were the travel woes of Evans.

"I'm heading to the coliseum for practice and my car slides right off the driveway," Evans said. "I slammed the rear end into our fence."

So Evans walked back to his house and got the keys to his wife Carolyn's car. This time, Evans cleared the driveway with no problem.

"About a mile down the road, the car got on a patch of ice and five seconds later, Carolyn's car is in the ditch."

This time, Evans wisely got a neighbor to drive him to practice. Moments after the team started the shoot-around, the power went off, ending the much-needed practice.

Later that day, assistant coach Rod Barnes, who was in charge of putting together the scouting report for Houston Baptist, wrecked his wife's car and got stranded at his home. Through a combination of walking and catching a ride, he made it to the coliseum less than an hour before game time.

"We can't practice because the power's out and we can't get a scouting report because our coach is stuck at home," Evans said. "I wasn't a very happy man."

Fortunately, the Rebels bounced back to win and Evans is in the process of getting both family cars repaired. Carolyn's car took the most damage.

"I've already taken away Rob's key to my car," said Carolyn Evans with a smile. "I told him not to even think about borrowing my car again."

Football update

The Rebels will sport a new look in 1996 with their jerseys blue shadows on the numbers. This is required by the NCAA, in an effort to make the numbers more visible (read that as more visible for TV broadcasts).

The white jersey (away) was especially appealing with the blue shadow bordering the red numbers and the white shoulder stripe.

The red jersey (home) looked much bolder with blue trim in those same areas. In addition, numbers were added to the sleeves of the home jersey.

The new shirts were on display during national signing day and met with mixed reviews.

The above-45 crowd thought they looked too flashy. The under-45 crowd thought the new jerseys looked "cool."

Neither group was happy the NCAA had mandated the changes. The NCAA is the most profane four-letter "word" among Ole Miss faithful.

If the older generation thought the red jersey was too flashy, it's a good thing the blue jersey wasn't available.

I don't think many Rebel fans will like the look of red borders on the white numbers and shoulder stripe.

In the personnel department, it's going to be a tough haul for academic casualty Moine Nicholson to return for 1997 spring practice. The odds are better he will return for the 1997 fall practices.

Fortunately for Nicholson, he has a redshirt year available and would have two years of eligibility remaining pending the necessary academic progress.

"It's the same situation Dou Innocent was in," said head coach Tommy Tuberville, drawing a comparison. "Dou made it back and became a good student. I'm hoping Moine will do the same thing."

Chris Burrows covers Ole Miss athletics for the Daily Journal.

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