Cherry Randall Lyle Kidd, one of the last Great Fictional Detectives, solved her final case on February 10, 2020. Born in Becker (just yonder of Amory) on September 16, 1948. She was convinced to immigrate to Dallas, Texas after a seven day courtship and two viewings of True Grit. "I don't ever want to see that stupid movie again!" was as common as hello or goodnight. Like all the greats before, Holmes, Marple, Poirot, etc... Cherry's methods to the truth weren't conventional, but they got results. It was rumored that she solved a hefty fisticuffs between two sibling males, by simply using a long thin, leaf free part of shrubbery. Genius! There was a tale or two hundred of her solving cases by placing her palms on her hips, moving her red haired head slightly to the right, and only look at you with one eye while both eyes were open. One Eye; the eye of truth that no one could escape. Way ahead of her time, reminiscent of her own youth, she was shunned by other PTA moms for cooking hamburgers for all the kids that came over to play. White kids, black kids, and Asian kids all got to play basketball, an opportunity to break something and face the Eye of Truth. She was known for peeling hot and coming in fast in her silver Mustang fastback. She was the terror of the domain in the green and wood paneled station wagon. No one could match her skill at hitting inanimate objects in her 2005 Mustang. GO RED, GO! No one took her seriously as a suburban fictional detective with only two children. Thus began her foray into gardening. She had the largest collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls this side of North East Texas to the Sea of Tranquility. She was known to the school girls as "that woman who bought my dolly". She traveled everywhere and had an extensive collection of knowledge from her appetite of reading. Non book was too good. No book was too bad. Her sidekicks included canines Baby, Joseph, Mugsy, Barney, Jake and Blondie, and Classy. Her true crime solving partners were her loyal felines the notorious Clementine and Fancy. She made friends easily. She lost friends quickly. She kept some friendships close and lasting. Cherry joins her mother Lois Faulkner, father Billy Lyle, and bestest brother ever Dennis Lyle. Her life is remembered by her children Craig and Billy (Heather), her Aunt Jane Carter (Jim), nieces Shiloh and Randi, niece Melissa, niece Deborah, and nephews Bryan and Barry, and her extended family of Cornerstone Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Corinth. She found true happiness in her middle life. That happiness preceded her in death only a few short years after it began. Twenty-two years later, she has joined him and found her happiness again. Services honoring her life will be 10 a.m. Saturday, February 15, 2020 at the Jefferson Street Chapel of W.E. Pegues with visitation beginning at 9 a.m. Burial will be in Lee Memorial Park. Expressions of sympathy may be left at

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