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rank before flag

I just don't understand what the fuss is all about. The average Mississippian, myself included, can't tell you what the state flag looks like and doesn't really care. It seems to me if we just eliminated the flag completely, it would solve this problem.

Why do we have to have a state flag? Flying or not flying a state flag doesn't make me more or less a Mississippian. If we want to project a new image to the world about our state, I think it should be done through helping each other (black, white, Indian, Hispanic or whatever), not by spending tax dollars, time and energy on a new flag.

In my employment almost every day I see people who can't pay their utility bills, can't buy medicine if they're sick, can't buy diapers for their baby, or need a sack of groceries because they're hungry. They don't care if Mississippi has a state flag when they can't make ends meet. God knows the heart of a man and I don't think it pleases Him when we are more passionate and concerned about symbols and worldly things than we are about our fellow man and his needs.

I realize my opinion and everyone else's is worth exactly what you paid for it, but after all, that is why we're Americans, isn't it?

Bonnie Sisco


Paws to Recycle' push

needs public support

The Paws to Recycle program is presented by the American Humane Association, Alcoa and Friskies Pet.Care Co. each year. Our Tupelo-Lee Humane Society competes with other shelters, nationwide, during the months of September, October and November.

We have many proud supporters of Paws to Recycle and we want to extend our gratitude to each and every one! Our local animals are helped by your generous donations.

Please bring your aluminum cans to the.Tupelo-Lee Humane Society at 2400 South Gloster across from Sunshine Mills.

Your contributions are greatly needed. Thank you for your continued support!

K.T. Mapstone

Tupelo-Lee Humane Society

What would religion

be minus evil spirits?

The column by the Rev. Shannon Johnston (Halloween lampoons evil in its face, Oct. 29) contains the history of Halloween as I have read it in many different places. His explanation of why people (and it's not just a Christian thing) give credence to the presence of spirits, etc., is basically what I have heard and seen all my life even in Protestant churches (albeit three or four decades ago because things have become, oh, so much more serious within some denominations these days) both in the United States and in other countries and other cultures.

After all, without those evil spirits, there wouldn't be much need for churches of any sort, now would there?

C. Richard Cotton


Beware, America -

modernism threatens

Recently I was very upset and appalled at two pages in the Living section of the Tupelo Journal on a Sunday. It was in reference to computers/Internet and e-mail. My husband and I have always thought the Journal is super. But you can ruin it very quickly by putting out pages of modernism.

Wake up, America! We're suppose to have "freedom," but instead we've got "computer-ism." No one has increased their knowledge by logging on to .com. The TV channels are ruined, also, because on every show you've got to log on, or you're not in style. What do they think the senior citizens can do because they don't have a computer and cannot afford one and do not want one? We don't even have a phone because of kids at the high school calling and having a good time in class. I got the fourth unlisted phone number and one morning in 30 minutes received 10 calls from these kids playing on computers.

The preachers are getting their sermons off of the Internet. So-called Christians have to log on to .com to see if and when to go to church. Please, someone, show me in the Bible where Christianity comes from this mess of technology. All the modern technology is teaching kids is how to make bombs, kill people and tend to other people's business.

I'm sorry to say that until the world wakes up, there will be more and more killings. Our schools start kids on computers before teaching them what a tablet and pencil are for. I may be from the old days, but I'm proud of my raising and super proud that I got a high school education and a college degree, but never once had to use computers, Internets or even a calculator.

Wake up, America, before it's too late.

Dot Rogers


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