Clinton's record is a strong one

During the last several days I have had the pleasure of talking separately with three intelligent, staunch Republicans. I wanted to learn what these people thought about President Bill Clinton and how well they think he is doing his job.

For about 15 minutes we discussed several aspects of the Clinton administration. Then I showed them a paper that said the following:

Please let me show you some facts about things that have happened during the past five years, since Clinton has been president:

1. The Clinton administration has created more than 14 million new jobs.

2. Under President Clinton we have the lowest unemployment rate (5 percent) in 24 years.

3. Under the Clinton administration we have the lowest inflation in 30 years.

4. Under Clinton more people own their homes than any time in history.

5. The crime rate has gone down every year that Clinton has been president.

6. The welfare rolls are the lowest they have been in nearly 30 years.

7. So many people have hollered for a small, leaner federal government. Under Clinton, we have the smallest government in 35 years.

8. When Clinton took office, the nation's budget deficit was forecast to be $357 billion in the year 1998. Now the deficit is forecast to be zero by the end of 1999 the first balanced budget in 30 years.

9. Taxes have not gone up for middle-class families for a typical middle class family now has the lowest tax rate in 20 years.

10. It is forecast that we will have almost a trillion dollar surplus over the next five years.

11. You heard so many "baby boomers" and younger people say social security would not be there when they retire. President Clinton proposes to put the surplus in the "pot" to guarantee social security for everyone. Clinton's position is simple: "Save social security first."

12. President Clinton got the Congress to pass laws that put 100,000 additional policemen on the streets of our cities. That's one reason crime has gone down every year for the past five years.

13. Clinton has tried to help the working poor. He now proposes to raise the minimum wage by $1 per hour over the next two years.

14. Clinton's program will make it possible for all students to attend college.

15. For the first time in years no American boys or girls are engaged in any war.

Could you ask a president any president to do more?

My opinion is that all these "scandals" are nothing more than political lies. Also, in America everyone is innocent until proved guilty. Therefore, at this time, Clinton is innocent.

Furthermore, Jesus said at the "well" something like this: "Let those without sin cast the first stone." Every one of them walked away. All of you who have been lambasting Clinton, can you pass the test that Jesus laid out?

All of us everybody must learn that we can disagree without being disagreeable. Our country is being split so badly that we could end up like Bosnia and Ireland.

After my Republican friends finished reading the above, they said something to this effect: "I will admit Clinton has made a good president, but I want to learn more about the scandals." My guess is that if the election were to be held again today, all three of them would vote for Clinton.

I think the Clinton-haters should ask themselves: "What do I want my president to do?"

Theodore Smith


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