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When our children were younger, we would let them choose books for us to read to them at bedtime.

One of their frequent selections was “Me and My Dad”, compiled by Stuart Hample. The book chronicles the observations of children ages seven to 11 — in their own words — about their fathers.

As we approach Father's Day (or pass it, depending on when you are reading this), I thought I would dig up the book and revisit some of the wit and wisdom gleaned from these sons and daughters on their dads.


Even if I’m bad, my dad has to still like me because I am in his family. I think it’s a law. –Alison

I saw my dad in his naked clothes. It was very interesting. –Natalie

When my father pays the bills, he says “Darn it. Everything is getting more expensive these days!” I guess you have to be rich to be a father. –Denis

I can talk to him about a lot of things I can’t talk about with my mom about. But I’m not going to write it down because we’d get in trouble. –Sanford

He always tells me I can do anything if I stick with it and really try. What if I try to walk up the outside of the Umpire State Building? –Naomi

When I say “I’m bored,” my dad says, “no, you’re not. You’re Annie.” When I fall down, my dad makes me tell the sidewalk I’m sorry. When my dad sees chocolate, he goes CRAZY! –Annie

When me and my dad walk our dog I tell him what’s bugging me. He listens very good but I wish he’d come to school with me. Then Jimmy Ryan couldn’t bug me. –Ralph

My dad does things like make the beds and clear the table, but he never, ever cleans the cat box! He says he comes from royal blood, so he doesn’t have to do litter boxes. –Steven M.

I love him very much. If he will raise my allowance, I will love him even more. –Seth

Every time we shoot a video he dances all around and makes these weird faces. You’d never know in real life he’s just this normal boring dad. –Alvin

My dad has to be in a wheelchair, but he can do most everything. Except walk and play sports. But I wouldn’t trade him for anybody, even Mark McGwire! –Paul

When I get married, I want to find a man like my dad. Only younger. –Vonetta

My dad could beat up anybody. He doesn’t ever do it because he’s very gentle. But I just know he could. –Max

My father made up this song for my birthday. It goes like Yankee Doodle.

“Freddy Barlow just turned 10.

"He’s never been a bother. He’s the best kid every born.

I know cause I’m his father.” –Freddy B.

When I’m in church sitting next to my dad, it’s one of the best times in life. I wish we could do it every day instead of just on Sundays. –Lisbeth

I love my Dad because he’s my only father and I have lived with him for all of my life. Also, he’s going to take me to see “Godzilla.” –Ross

Even if it’s not Father's Day yet, it's not too early to start the celebration — just not in your naked clothes.

LEN ROBBINS publishes a syndicated newspaper column in more than 20 newspapers in the South. He and his wife and three children live in Homerville, Georgia (population 2,890), next to the Okefenokee Swamp.

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