Council acts with

a 'mighty moment'

If you study history, most big events that change the course of history can be traced back to a single, sometimes small event. Tupelo was created because a railroad company decided to cross the north/south railroad tracks here and not in Verona. We can point to other events that have shaped our community. Surely the day George McLean signed the contract to buy the local newspaper is one, and when he signed the papers to organize CREATE was another. The tornado on that Sunday night in April of 1936 is another. As was the creation of CDF in 1948. They just celebrated 50 years of building Tupelo and the region. Our history is full of turning points and mighty moments.

Now we come to 6:27 p.m. on Nov. 3, 1998.

The Tupelo City Council voted to proceed with the creation of a new Urban Renewal Authority and the sale of over $22 million in bonds to develop the old fairgrounds property, build a new city hall, build one of the premier automobile museums in the country, convert the old J.C. Penney building into a badly needed convention center and set the design standards for all the land around this area and the Tupelo Coliseum. This development will effectively double the size of Tupelo's Downtown Central Business District and change the face of our city in a very positive way for all the years and generations of citizens to follow.

This Council is to be commended for this bold, forward thinking action. The vast majority of the citizens of Tupelo support the Council and are excited about the prospects for the future of Tupelo under its leadership and that of Mayor Glenn McCullough. In just a few short years when all this area has been redeveloped, we can look back to the vote taken by this Council Tuesday night as the single event that started the process that was set in motion by the Downtown Tupelo/Main Street Partnership some five years ago and brought to fruition by the work of the Fairgrounds Redevelopment Committee.

Jim High, President

Mississippi Main Street Association


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