Federal system

fosters seniority

The Oct. 10 editorial takes the glare off "hired gun ... petition persons" and redirects our attention to more important aspects of term limits.

The federal political system is the blueprint and the handbook for state and local factions and mischiefs resulting in reelections and seniority for the re-elected. Seniority is the code word for power multiplied by committee assignment and chairmanship.

By breaking the consecutive terms of more career-oriented and seniority focused incumbents, the federally inspired "Jesse Helms" choke holds on committees will be substantially denied to legislators as their personal power base to push or stop the legislative process as it is intended by the constitutional requirement. Term limits is not aimed at voter choice; term limits will restrict committee power to subvert the very process of legislation by "elected representatives" of the people.

Horace Hutcheson


Harper has

written a book'

Last Sunday David Brinkley saluted and stated, "All's well that ends well." The Journal has reported that Mama Phyl (Phyllis Harper)) is retiring.

The Journal will not be the same. As to Mama Phyl's writing a book, her book has already been written in the Journal. Fawn Grove, as Thaxton, is about as far from any city, we would want to live in. In closing, Mama Phyl, admit that thing a mule pulled to haul wood is a slide, not a sled.

Gene P. Conlee


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