Father's utility bills

cause worry, concern

I, like many others in the area, am shocked by the rise in my utility bills. We were told to expect a 30-40 percent increase. When I received my bill, it reflected an increase that was more like 300 percent.

As disheartening as this is, I am more concerned about my 90-year-old father's bills. He, like many other senior citizens, lives on Social Security income alone.

His gas bill was over $500 and his electric bill was $180.

I was saddened to read Wednesday about the death of a senior citizen in our area who was found outside his home, dead from exposure to the cold weather.

How horrible it would be to read about a senior citizen who died inside his home because he was afraid to use the heat.

Utility companies need to be particularly mindful of senior citizens with their fixed incomes. If there is an averaging plan in place here in Pontotoc, I am not aware of it.

Perhaps utility companies need to take quick, decisive steps to come up with one so that our senior citizens (and all citizens) can better deal with the astronomical rise in utility bills.

Judy Rutledge


Plantersville couple

praises help of angel'

Is there a good Samaritan today?

Yes. My husband and I were coming home from Memphis last Monday and had a flat tire. Several cars passed by and did not stop. Then one truck stopped and the driver asked if he could help.

This young man not only took the tire off the car, but went and got some air in a tank, brought it back to us and then followed us into town to purchase another tire.

We don't hear about the good things that young people do, we only hear about the bad. We are senior citizens and this was truly an angel sent from God to help us at this needed time.

He refused to be paid for this deed. May God truly bless this young man. His name is Shane Strickland and he lives in Holly Springs.

Dorothy McCormick


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