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HED:Charlie Langford:Internet offers tips on football, family, food

I received in the mail this week some information I plan to use to jump-start my Thanksgiving holiday.

It's not that I really need jump-starting at Thanksgiving. This holiday has always been near the top of the holiday heap. I see it as a holiday that brings out the best in Americans and what America offers to the world: food, family and football.

I'm thankful for all three. Without these, life itself would be impossible.

Don't judge me as being glib for lumping football with family and food as essential for life. Football is a distraction, but it's also a quintessential team game that teaches us when everyone performs roles perfectly, anything can happen. Nothing is truly more American. It also gives us hope. And what is life without hope?

The info from the mail that ended up on my desk I'll use to construct a turkey-trot, Web-ride pregame to get the most out of food, family and football this Thanksgiving. The locales listed are some of the best turkey day info sites the Internet has to offer.

First, for football, try and Both sites keep football fans up to date and feature video clips of NFL action.

For family fun, try these sites.

Thanksgiving traditions, projects and crafts, and stories are featured at

My favorite page is called Holiday Host. Here users are given information about how to plan and execute the perfect holiday meal. It offers tips for entertaining children and setting the table.

It also offers tips on how to get rid of unwanted houseguests. The best of the bunch is this one from British impressionist painter Walter Sickert, "Do come back when you've a little less time to spare."

Other good family sites include: An American Thanksgiving on the Internet at This site features traditional music and historical documents like the Mayflower Compact. At Thanksgiving on the Web,, users can send e-mail postcards to family and friends.

And finally the food sites

The most important question asked on Thanksgiving Day is "How long do I cook the bird?"

For an answer, check out, the Web site of one of the nation's largest corporate bird producers. This site offers a complete cooking guide for the Thanksgiving guest of honor and offers tips for cooking "a picture-perfect turkey." Tip No. 1 is to remove the wrapper. (You can get better advice than that.)

For recipes from Plymouth, Mass., where this whole Thanksgiving feasting ritual began, try for real Pilgrim fare. Among the recipes available: Butternut Squash and Gorganzola Gallet, Roast Turkey with Chestnut Dressing and Pumpkin Apple Soup. Also listed is that traditional Thanksgiving favorite: Almejas a la Marinera (white clams in white wine sauce). Hmmm.

Those preferring a turkey-less Thanksgiving can log on to for veggie fare.

Turkey-less Thanksgiving? What could be more American than that?

Charlie Langford the is the managing editor/production at the Daily Journal.

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