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HED:Fred Brewer: World improves in 21st century as women take over

The symbol for the next century should be a circle with a cross beneath - the female symbol - because during the next hundred years women will take charge.

Strong-backed men carried the load through the agricultural age and the industrial age, but humankind has finally made it to the electronic age and it's time for women to take the reins.

Women always were the ones behind the building of cities and nations, communal living, but through the centuries there was still a lot of manual labor to be done and men acted as caretakers for the world until everything was just right.

Men often joke about women's intuition, but this atavistic ability has enabled them to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to get where they are now.

Will the world be a better place with women leaders? Of course, things always run smoother when the people in charge knows what they're doing. The next century will be a good century to live in and the next one will be even better as women leaders will everything squared away.

I know these predictions fly in the face of the doomsayers and Nostradamus who only see bad times ahead.

I know the doomsayers have said the all the signs point to armageddon starting at the beginning of the next millennium. But, they said the same thing a thousand years ago, and they will say the same thing a thousand years from now.

And, if you check books written about Nostradamus' they are never accurate when predicting future events, it's only after the fact that his followers go back and find snippets in his convoluted quatrains that have a vague similarity to something that has already happened.

In the middle of the 21st Century there will probably be books by followers of Nostradamus saying that he predicted women would take over during the 21st Century.

Most of the nations in the West are ready for women to take over now, but it will take a few more decades in other nations, especially the Islamic ones.

It's only fair that females should take over. If it wasn't for females there wouldn't even be a human race.

Male lungfish were quite content to stay in their caves deep in the oceans, eating buffalo wings, watching ESPN and giving each other high fins. But female lungfish kept insisting on going up on land and exploring it.

Before long, here we are.

Why were those female lungfish so persistent about coming going up on land? They heard there would be outlets up here.

n Pathologist Eugene Foster says that his DNA tests show that slave Elston Hemings was probably an offspring of his owner Thomas Jefferson.

Since Foster's findings were released in the scientific journal Nature on Oct. 31 I've read several columns that make it sound like he irrevocably proved Hemings was Jefferson's son. But, that isn't the case. To begin with, the testing wasn't done on Thomas Jefferson's descendants - his only acknowledged son died as a child. Blood samples were taken from descendants of Jefferson's uncle, Field Jefferson.

Foster says he had to assume that Thomas Jefferson was the legitimate son of his father and that his father and his uncle had the same father.

So this proof of hanky-panky hangs on the assumption that there wasn't any hanky-panky three other times.

Fred Brewer is assistant copy desk chief for the Daily Journal.

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