Senators seem to have forgotten the veterans

A well researched article by Mississippi veteran Fred Lucas recently laid bare, an ugly story of corrupt, chaotic conditions in our Sonny Montgomery Veteran’s Hospital, at Jackson.

This, of course, didn’t happen overnight.  Career politicians have allowed it to build up.

We have two senators, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, in good position to quickly start cleaning up that mess, but I have an idea, that neither will take much interest.  Although both were tall on the rhetoric of how fully they supported “Our Brave Troops” while they were on foreign “killing fields,” their attitude seems to have changed, especially within the last two years, when both voted against the Veteran’s Jobs Act Bill last year, as being too expensive, although the cost was $1 billion spread over 10 years. But, just earlier they had both voted to borrow hundreds of billions to continue the tax breaks given by Junior Bush to his wealthy friends and  had also voted to continue subsidizing Big Oil with billions, annually.

Today, in support of the veteran, who is back home but in need of help, they both seem to be “missing in action.” But, not really, they are very busy collecting, “Thirty Pieces of Silver” from Big Oil, and other corporations to which they have become obligated.

Toward the veteran, today, their attitude is more like, “To heck with the veteran, we don’t need him anymore.” At least, not until the “chicken-hawks” on the Potomac instigate another conflict.

Lamar Wray 


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