Letters to the Editor: Nov. 12, 2015


Re-elect Cochran because of seniority, respect, leadership

As we head into this final vote, Mississippi stands to gain greatly with the re-election of Sen. Thad Cochran. Thad has always been there for us when we have catastrophes, such as our recent tornadoes that ravaged Mississippi, and we can never forget the epic recovery from Katrina that took place with the massive federal effort Thad spearheaded.

Thad’s seniority and the respect he has earned has kept many jobs in Mississippi safe.

This year, we have the added incentive in that Thad is in line to become chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee where he will oversee discretionary spending on an ongoing basis. What better way to get control of spending and prompt needed change than chair the process!

I sincerely ask you to vote for our friend and fellow Northeast Mississippian, Sen. Thad Cochran.

Paul Mize



Cochran criticized for not making Mississippi better

We the people are a fickle bunch. At least 75 percent of active voters always will vote with the party of their choice, no matter the issues or consequences. That 75 percent will be divided evenly between Democrats and Republicans – no matter what. So, it is the responsibility of the remaining 25 percent or so active voters to decide elections – especially in the midterms.

Unfortunately, many of our interests and decisions are based upon which media outlets we choose to watch or listen to. The problem lies in our ability to recognize truth amid the lies, misinformation and propaganda.

If we were smarter, we could simply look at what is occurring and has in actuality occurred these years past. Our economy and outlook of the future had been drastically diminished as George W. Bush left office. Unemployment was increasing at record rates, the stock market outlook was bleak, our banks were failing and were bailed out amid and despite public outcry against that act of the Bush Administration, even as the housing market went belly up, with no help offered to individual citizen homeowners/underwater buyers. Then, Barack Obama was elected president despite these facts:

1) not an ounce of support for We the People by the Republicans whose ONLY goal was to make Obama “a one-term president”.

2) continual slander, lies, misinformation and propaganda by the very voices of the Republicans – Fox  News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and such.

3) the absurd enactment of Citizens United to make it literally possible for the very wealthy to buy elections. We can vote for we the people. In our state we can send Thad Cochran packing. He has had 36 years to improve his very own state. He has not. Join me in voting him from our government. Join me in voting for the best interests of this great nation.

David Morris


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