Letters to the Editor: Nov. 12, 2015


Spirit of Elvis stands behind climate concern

Elvis said, “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.” Here’s some truth: climate change is happening due to global warming caused primarily by our burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas). But many of our leaders choose to ignore the science.

That’s changing.

Last month, 11 House Republican representatives from across the U.S. signed a resolution addressing the problem of climate change and committed to working on solutions. Fifty-four percent of Republicans also believe climate change is real and that humans are contributing. Six major banks issued a letter on Sept. 29 stating that the evidence for climate change is irrefutable. On Oct. 1, 10 giant food companies called for our nation to meaningfully address the reality of climate change.

 Our food security depends on stabilizing our climate. We can’t grow food in searing heat, droughts and floods. As the Risky Business report states, Mississippi will be among the states most severely harmed by temperature increases, as global temperatures continue to rise (http://riskybusiness.org/ index.php?p=reports/southeast-report/general-trends/mississippi).

If the earth could sing a song it would be Elvis’ “Burning Love”: “Ooh, ooh, ooh, I feel my temperature rising; help me I’m flaming, I must be 109!”

How can we cool down our planet and transition to clean forms of energy?

Ask Congress to enact the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) proposal, Carbon Fee and Dividend. CCL is a non-partisan volunteer organization that seeks to have Congress enact this market based proposal that will put a fee on fossil fuels at their source and return the proceeds to every legal American as a monthly dividend. A border tariff adjustment will protect domestic manufacturers and agricultural exporters. This proposal will internalize the social cost of carbon-based fuels, rapidly achieve large emission reductions, stimulate the economy, create jobs, and recruit global participation.

Please consider joining Citizens’ Climate Lobby (www.citizensclimatelobby.org) and form a Tupelo chapter. And then, please ask your Republican representatives to support the House Resolution 424, “Environmental Stewardship Resolution”.  

Elvis has been sighted lobbying Congress to enact the Carbon Fee and Dividend legislative proposal.

Alexandra Amonette

Richland, Washington


Career expo showcased economic opportunities

Walking into the BancorpSouth Arena this past Tuesday and watching our students get a taste for what careers are available in our area was very impactful. Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo was an incredible experience for over 3,000 eighth-graders and their teachers this past week!

The possibilities were literally all there – from healthcare, finance, and safety to aerospace and manufacturing – coming alive for our students to explore in tangible ways. 

This event was about showcasing the region’s best economic opportunities, harnessed under one roof and all for our children and teachers. We are deeply grateful to CREATE Foundation, the Toyota Wellspring Education Fund, the many event sponsors, and the hundreds of volunteers who helped make this possible.

On behalf of the Tupelo Public Schools, thank you for illuminating the paths for our young citizens.

Gearl Loden, Ph.D.

Tupelo Public School District superintendent

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