Letters to the Editor: Nov. 12, 2015


Gannon endorsed in District 19 contest

This campaign season you will hear a lot of politicians say they are for a lot of things. Randy Boyd is my current state representative (District 19) and he says he is for our public schools. The record tells an entirely different story. Boyd has consistently voted against teacher pay raises and giving the teachers the resources they need in the classroom.

Boyd’s voting record shows he is a big supporter of profit-seeking private charter schools. He voted to allow charter schools to donate to campaigns, and in turn Boyd took thousands of dollars from out of state special interests like Empower MS. Boyd voted against making charter schools accountable by having just 50 percent of their teachers licensed by the state.

Sadly, it does not end here. He also voted for the special needs voucher which only helps 500 special needs children out of over 68,000! My question is: Who are the 500? He says we cannot afford to fund education, but he voted to eliminate the state income tax. He says he is working for teachers and our schools, but he consistently voted against them all four years.

Thankfully, Clint Gannon is running for state representative. Clint’s wife Mary is also a first grade teacher. He was educated in public schools and believes we need elected officials who support them to the fullest. Clint has taken $0.00 from out of state special interests groups and charter schools. I am voting for Clint because he is what we need. He will support our state retirement system, our school system, and help bring jobs to our area. I encourage everyone to vote for him this November.

Wayne Guin


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