To all Mississippians, this letter is in reference to our litter and garbage problem!

It plagues our city, county and state. No one is immune to this terrible act! I see it every day on our city and county highways and roads. Trash and litter are a terrible problem that can be fixed by everyone doing their part!

Why can’t everyone place their trash in a can! I love my Mississippi. I am ashamed of our state because of litter and trash issues.

A few months ago, we drove to San Diego to visit family. One of the things I noticed was in several states, there was no litter or trash or anything on roads and highways. In New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, it was clean, no trash on highways or roads anywhere! I envy those states.

So to those of you that think folks don’t notice, you are very wrong. We can improve this. Each individual must do their part. Let’s make Mississippi first in clean highways and roads.

Do your part! Yes it matters! We can turn this around if we all help. Rest assured if I see you throw trash out on the highway, I will get your tag number and report you! It is a senseless act! Maybe if there was a stiffer fine, say $1,000 first offense and $2,000 for any after that!

I love our Mississippi and if you love it, then don’t litter! Littering is illegal. Make our Mississippi more beautiful like those other Southern states. We can do this! Litter is a very serious issue.

Kay Rooker

New Albany

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