Editor’s Note: In order to include more commentary from you, our readers, our weekly sound-off feature will spotlight online comments to our stories. Today’s comments come from Friday’s story about the sale of Rebelanes bowling center. Below is a collection of your thoughts from DJournal.com and our Facebook page, as well as those emailed to opinion@journalinc.com.

“I hope they understand why it was so popular, it was cheap!!! Keep it that way!! “

~ Tammi Potts Burcham (Facebook)

“I sure would have like to seen a local person purchase this and keep it running. Support local/mom and pop shops!”

~ Brenda Parker Anderson (Facebook)

“Good news...they’re here to stay!!! Bad news...it’s probably going to be more expensive!!!”

~ Letesha Short (Facebook)

“No matter how you put it. If it’s gone there goes affordable entertainment for families. If it stays the bigger chain will ruin what its stood for all these years.”

~ Roberta Elaine (Facebook)

“Here comes higher prices & synthetic lanes.”

~ Jana Hood Prochaska (Facebook)

“Hope they don’t charge as much as the current event zona. That was the main draw of rebelanes was the much cheaper rates.”

~ Marty McCully (Facebook)

“I sure hope the new owners will read these comments!! I hope they will keep the prices LOW!!”

~ Amanda Tucker Scott (Facebook)

“Oooh. They will change everything.”

~ Lupita Gomez Perkins (Facebook)

“So much for affordable entertainment!!”

~ Missy Kornegay Kimbrel (Facebook)

“The prices are bout to go through the roof!”

~ April Wheeler (Facebook)

“Well here they will jack up the prices!! Might need to get one more bowl in before they do.”

~ Mary Barnett (Facebook)

“Hope they go in and repair those lanes.”

~ Katt Oglesby (Facebook)

“Good seeing it stay open.”

~ Brian Pace (Facebook)

“Let’s hope they bring in some live rock and roll.”

~ Chico Harris (Facebook)

“Everyone complaining about higher prices and that’s one of the reason it went under, it was too cheap of a price to operate on and everyone stop going and the ones that did go wasn’t enough to keep it updated and pay salary as well. The real world mom and pop supposed to be more expensive but higher quality. You get the one on one service. Try to own a store in tupelo and see how hard it is . That’s the reason we have a dollar general on every corner now.”

~ Roy Hendrix (Facebook)

“I worked for Don Wall for MANY years and loved it. I hate to see it going through all the changes.”

~ Patty Towery (Facebook)

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